Welcome to The UNOFFICIAL Holliers Walk Primary School Website!!

Holliers Walk is a happy school with great children and a lovely staff. They aim to have high standards of education and enjoyment in the learning process. We hope that this web site shows you the school’s philosophy and answers your questions.

We are proud to be associated with Holliers Walk Primary School and will happily arrange for someone at the school to show you around and answer further questions if you wish. We would also welcome comments in our guestbook.

The mission statement of the school is:

  • To create a learning environment that is healthy and relaxed and encourages creativity.
  • To deliver a wide and well-balanced educational journey which is attainable, enriching and enjoyable.
  • To teach children to value the experiences and opportunities that school provides and be thankful for our education system and for the things they get to do in the classroom.
  • Instill a life-long desire to learn by employing a range of teaching practices tailored for pupil’s individual learning requirements.
  • Teach children the importance of community and encourage them to be a force for productivity in the surrounding area.
  • To aim for excellence in all things, and to maximize and celebrate the success of other people as well as our own.
  • Equip our children to work with others in a team setting.

Friends of The School

The Holliers Walk Primary School Parent Association is a body similar to the school governors, but open to everybody. If you have a child at the school you are automatically a member, so come to our future meetings and get involved! We hold meetings every couple of months. We’d really like to see you there. You would be amazed at all the wonderful things the Parent Association does for the school and in the community.

We wish to thank Discovery Gym Instructor Tuition for allowing our children to use the indoor swimming pool at their local training venue every fortnight. We do not have our own swimming pool, so this contribution really helps to make our school PE lessons enjoyable for our children.

Thank you for visiting!